Nov 10 • 30M

Predictions for 2023: Live from Money20/20

Feat. David Sinsky of Unit, Jarad Gilmore of Middesk, Emanuel Pleitez of Finix & Nikhil Sachdev of Insight Partners

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Jason Mikula
A monthly(ish) podcast featuring interviews with leaders in fintech, banking & crypto.
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Hey all, Jason here.

One last very special podcast from Money20/20.

In this live episode, I was joined by David Sinsky, VP of Lending at Unit, Jarad Gilmore, Head of Partnerships at Middesk, Emanuel Pleitez, Head of Business Development at Finix, and Nikhil Sachdev, Managing Director at Insight Partners.

In the spirit of Las Vegas and the game night event this was recorded at, we took a gamble on making our best predictions for 2023 on the following topics:

  • How the macroeconomic climate will impact banking and fintech

  • What fintech fundraising and valuations will look like

  • How Big Techs’ efforts in fintech and banking will unfold

I want to extend a huge thank you to the guests, the event hosts Unit, Middesk, Finix, and Insight Partners, and the teams behind the scenes that made this possible — thank you!

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