Cash App Taxes, Current Offers 4% APY, PayPal's Stablecoin, Citi Says "Adios," Navient's $1.85B Settlement, BAML & WF's Slow Progress on Fees
Fintech Recap: BNPL credit reporting, P2P payments, & SPACsListen now | Plus the web3-adjacent topics we just can't let go.
Dave's Rough Debut, Credit Bureau Complaints, Bitcoin's 0.01%, Credit Card Balances Surge
2021's Fintech IPOs & SPACs, CFPB Shuts Down LendUp, FDIC Chair Resigns, CFPB Seeks AI Whistleblowers, MoneyLion Reaches Settlement with Minnesota
CFPB's BNPL Inquiry, 2021 Predictions Graded, FDIC Chair Fires Back
Monzo Valuation Bounces Back, Affirm "Pay Now" Cash Back, Crypto Goes to Washington
Fintech Recap #2: Overdrafts, N26, Meta, Bitcoin BondsListen now (38 min) | Special guest: Simon Taylor of 11fs & Fintech 🧠 Food
CFPB Says Banks Have "Deep Dependence" on Overdrafts, Nubank Trims Valuation Target
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