Jun 17 • 38M

Interview: Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex, Live at Money2020

Scaling Bitfinex, How Crypto Can Democratize Capital Raising, Why Tether Isn't Terra

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Hey all, it’s Jason.

Welcome to Fintech Business Podcast, a monthly(ish) podcast where I’ll be interviewing leaders in banking, fintech, and crypto. If you’re already subscribed to the main newsletter, you’ll automatically receive each new episode when it’s published. Don’t worry, this will be in addition to the Fintech Recap news show that Alex Johnson and I do each month!

In this first episode, I sat down with Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Bitfinex, live at Money2020 in Amsterdam. We had a chance to talk about:

  • Paolo’s personal background, including how he’s been coding since 8 years old

  • How he scaled Bitfinex’s infrastructure to handle millions of orders per second

  • Why Bitfinex thinks crypto markets can democratize capital raising & what it’s doing in Kazakhstan

  • Why Tether doesn’t face the same risks that lead to Terra’s collapse

This episode was recorded live on the floor at Money2020, so please excuse the background noise — I’m an audio engineer in training!

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