Jul 6 • 32M

Interview: Joe Robinson, CEO of Hummingbird, Live at Money2020

Fincrime, managing compliance in a partnership-driven world, Ozark & more

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Hey all, Jason here.

Welcome back to Fintech Business Podcast.

In this episode, I had the chance to catch up with Joe Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Hummingbird, live at last month’s Money2020.

We had the chance to talk about:

  • Joe’s background and what led to his role at Hummingbird

  • The pain of using Google docs & email for case management

  • The complexity of managing compliance in today’s partnership-driven fintech universe

  • The intersection of crypto and anti-money laundering

  • How realistic Ozark is

  • & more

Programming note: this is the last of the podcasts I recorded live at Money2020 — it has been a crash course on audio production. Hopefully, you can expect better quality audio going forward!

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