Nov 16, 2022 • 27M

Interview: Hristo Borisov, Cofounder & CEO at Payhawk

Competing in the buzzy "spend management" space, scaling into 32 countries & more

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Jason Mikula
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Hey all, Jason here.

Welcome back to Fintech Business Podcast. In this episode, I talk to Hristo Borisov, cofounder and CEO at Payhawk, a spend management solution enabling mid-sized businesses to spend and scale globally.

We had a chance to talk about:

  • Payhawk’s strategy to compete in the increasingly crowded expense management space

  • How Payhawk’s business and revenue models compare to competitors

  • Lessons learned from scaling Payhawk into 32 countries

  • Differences of building for the US market vs. the European market

  • and more!

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