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Interview: CapStack's Michal Cieplinski

Interview: CapStack's Michal Cieplinski

How CapStack Can Help Banks Diversify Their Loan Books

Hey all, Jason here.

In this episode, I spoke with Michal Cieplinski, founder and CEO at CapStack.

CapStack is the first integrated operating system for banks enabling cooperation across banks and other financial services institutions in order to drive profitability and asset diversification. Michal and I had a chance to talk about:

  • The importance and challenges of asset/liability management for banks

  • The risks that come from asset, geographic, and sectoral concentration, especially with current concerns around commercial real estate

  • How CapStack can help banks mitigate these risks

  • Moving from manual, Excel-and-email-based processes to technology-powered, automated exchanges for buying and selling loan participation stakes

  • and more!

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