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Fintech Recap: With Special Guest Matthew Goldman

Fintech Recap: With Special Guest Matthew Goldman

BaaS Grab Bag, Mastercard Pushes Back on CCC, Varo Launches P2P & More

Hey all, Jason here.

Alex Johnson, creator of the Fintech Takes newsletter, and I are happy to bring you the latest episode of our monthly podcast, Fintech Recap, where we unpack some of the biggest stories in fintech, banking, and crypto.

This month, we were joined by special guest

, card expert and author of , to talk about:

  • A grab bag of banking-as-a-service topics, including the situation at Solid, Stripe and Goldman’s partnership, and where things may be headed in 2024

  • Mastercard’s letter clapping back at reporting it plans to hike rates

  • Varo’s launch of “Varo to Anyone,” a P2P service that enables Varo users to send money to any US debit card

  • and, as always, what Alex and Jason just can’t let go of

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Fintech Business Weekly
Fintech Recap
A recap of top trends in fintech, banking, crypto & regulation with Jason Mikula of Fintech Business Weekly & Alex Johnson of Fintech Takes