Oct 28 • 36M

Fintech Recap: The Money20/20 "Precap"

Featuring Matt Janiga, Charles Potts & Julio Gomez

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Jason Mikula
A recap of top trends in fintech, banking, crypto & regulation with Jason Mikula of Fintech Business Weekly & Alex Johnson of Fintech Takes
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Hey all, Jason here.

What a week it’s been! This episode marks the one-year anniversary of this podcast. Alex Johnson, creator of the Fintech Takes, and I recorded our first episode live at Money20/20 last year.

Unfortunately, Alex got trapped in Montana due to a snowstorm and wasn’t able to join me for this episode.

But fintech Twitter came to the rescue. Matt Janiga, GC at Lithic, Charles Potts, Chief Innovation Officer at ICBA, and Julio Gomez, Industry Evangelist at Highnote, were all kind enough to join me to opine on the last year in fintech and banking and “precap” the Money20/20 show.

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