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Fintech Recap: LIVE From Money2020

Fintech Recap: LIVE From Money2020

What's trending, fact vs. fiction in AI, fintech infrastructure & much more

Hey all, Jason here.

Alex Johnson, creator of the Fintech Takes newsletter, and I are happy to bring you the latest episode of our monthly podcast, Fintech Recap, where we unpack some of the biggest stories in fintech, banking, and crypto — recorded LIVE at the recent Money2020 conference.

We had a chance to talk about our hot takes and trends from Money2020, including:

  • what’s off trend (crypto) and on trend (generative AI, compliance)

  • cannabis banking and the SAFE (and SAFE-R) Banking Act

  • realizing that most in Congress have no idea what “fintech” is

  • banking-as-a-service

  • 1033 open banking

  • and much more!

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Fintech Business Weekly
Fintech Recap
A recap of top trends in fintech, banking, crypto & regulation with Jason Mikula of Fintech Business Weekly & Alex Johnson of Fintech Takes