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Fintech Recap: BaaS Enforcement Action Fallout

Fintech Recap: BaaS Enforcement Action Fallout

Alex Explains Bilt Rewards, PayPal's "Shock" Falls Flat, BNPL Expansion Strategies

Hey all, Jason here.

Alex Johnson, creator of the Fintech Takes newsletter, and I are happy to bring you the latest episode of our monthly podcast, Fintech Recap, where we unpack some of the biggest stories in fintech, banking, and crypto.

This month, we had the chance to talk about:

  • Another trip to “BaaS Island” to discuss the Blue Ridge & Choice Bank enforcement actions amid the ongoing regulatory sweep of banking-as-a-service

  • Buy now, pay later expansion strategies: subscription plans? Savings accounts? What is more or less likely to work and why

  • PayPal’s attempt to “shock” the world falls flat

  • Alex tries to explain Bilt Rewards to me

  • And, as always, what Alex and Jason just can’t let go of.

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