Mar 1 • 52M

Fintech Recap: Affirm And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Quarterly Earnings Report

Also: Apple Readies Apple Pay Later, Crypto's "Dodd-Frank" Moment

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Jason Mikula
A recap of top trends in fintech, banking, crypto & regulation with Jason Mikula of Fintech Business Weekly & Alex Johnson of Fintech Takes
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Hey all, Jason here.

Alex Johnson, creator of the Fintech Takes newsletter, and I are happy to bring you the latest episode of our monthly podcast, Fintech Recap, where we unpack some of the biggest stories in fintech, banking, and crypto.

This month, we had the chance to talk about:

  • It’s quarterly earnings season and it’s been brutal for some companies. Alex and I unpack Affirm’s rough quarterly earnings report.

  • Apple is getting ready to launch Apple Pay Later. What we know and what we’ll be watching for when it’s live.

  • Regulators across the banking and securities spectrum have ramped up their attention to crypto. Is this the industry’s “Dodd-Frank moment”?

  • and what Alex & Jason just can’t let go of!

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