Interview: Shmulik Fishman, CEO & Founder at ArgyleListen now (36 min) | Welcome back to Fintech Business Podcast. In this episode, I talk to Shmulik Fishman, the founder and CEO at Argyle. Argyle provides payroll connectivity infrastructure that powers solutions like income & employment verification, deposit switching…
SEC Charges Lindsay Lohan, Lil Yachty for Illegal Crypto Promotions; President's Economic Report Takes Dim View of Crypto; CFPB Wins Funding Challenge…
Eco CEO Promises (but doesn't deliver) Response, 8 Takeaways from SVB, Cash App World
Interview: Alex Baydin, PerformLine's Founder & CEOListen now (41 min) | The challenges of managing marketing compliance in an increasingly complex communications ecosystem
Fintech Recap with Special Guests Matt Janiga & Reggie YoungListen now (60 min) | Competition, innovation & regulation in banking and fintech
a16z- and Thiel-Backed Startup's Future Uncertain As It Loses Bank Partner, Pays User Interest With Own Funds
Fintech Recap: Affirm And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Quarterly Earnings ReportListen now (52 min) | Also: Apple Readies Apple Pay Later, Crypto's "Dodd-Frank" Moment
Goldman Ends Checking Beta, Seven Key Takeaways from Block Earnings, EU BaaS Has Regulatory Issues Too, NY Fintech Week Announcement
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